Criminal Background Checks – Where Can I Find a Criminal Check on Someone?

In the UK, as in many other countries around the world, identity fraud is on the rise. This is where someone pretends to be someone else, usually to avoid arrest. This can involve falsifying details of past and present employment, residential or vehicle history, or any form of identification. A UK criminal background check can provide vital information on anyone whose background is considered suspect by the UK authorities.

How Is It Helpful?

For example, if an employer does a criminal check on a potential employee, he or she may find that the prospective employee has a criminal record, including convictions for fraud and forgery. The same goes for a residential property provider. If a tenant searches for a property, he or she may well discover that the property is in fact a front for counterfeit money or a fake identity. Likewise, a UK company may discover that a potential new employee has a history of fraud or at least an attempt to commit it.

The UK passport application can only be approved after the applicant shows proof of identity. When there is suspicion that the person applying for the UK passport is trying to defraud the country of its money or that he or she may present himself or herself as someone else when in reality they are not. Two typical causes of this would include hiding one’s identity through acts of crime or through fabricating one’s birth certificate.

Why Are Criminal Background Checks Important?

There have been many instances when the UK authorities have caught people who have tried to use another person’s birth certificate to get a UK passport. In most cases, these fake UK identities were designed to provide a cover for illegal activity such as identity theft. For instance, an individual who wants to get a UK passport may falsify his original birth certificate to get one. It has also been witnessed that some criminals try to use British citizenship in order to dodge detection or avoid arrest in another country.

There are several ways through which you can get yourself in trouble when using someone else’s original documents. If you are caught using someone else’s birth certificate, then the state will prosecute you for crimes. However, using a fake birth certificate can be tricky. In fact, it has been witnessed that several people involved in the crime of identity theft have been caught using either a real or a fake driving license or a fake ID card.

On the other hand, a birth certificate issued in England and Wales can be used as valid proof of age. However, this does not mean that someone can just go ahead and issue someone else’s birth records as a duplicate. Many people do not realize that issuing a duplicate birth certificate is a crime. In fact, such crime is taken very seriously in the United Kingdom. Obtaining false birth certificates and driving licenses under different names is a federal crime worldwide.

Background Checks For Employees

In addition to the need to be careful with your own identity, you must also be careful with the identity of any person you intend to hire for work. For this reason, you will need to find a reliable and authentic criminal background check UK company so that you can get hold of the right documents. The Background Checker provides these services at an affordable rate, providing you a detailed history of anyone’s background. With a professional service provider, you can relax and expect a safe and secure working or studying environment.

This kind of service provider is available online. All you have to do is visit The Background Checker website. You can then make your choice and start your online investigation. If the results suggest that there are criminal records available on the individual, you will then be able to decide if you want to hire them or not.

Criminal Background Checks For People

You might think that criminal background checks in the UK are only for police officers and corrections officers. While they certainly perform a very important task, you can also use criminal background checks to find out the information on anyone who’s ever had a speeding ticket or been arrested. If you’ve ever been accused of a crime, a criminal background check will let you know if there’s any false information in your history. It will tell you everything from whether or not you’ve ever been married or whether or not you’ve had any children.

This type of service is used by many different kinds of businesses. A company that runs a criminal record checks program simply performs a search on the individual. The system will tell them if they have a clean criminal background, as well as whether they’re on the sex offender’s list. Then they’ll know whether or not the individual is in a good position to give them the money that the business needs. These criminal background checks can be a business necessity or even a personal necessity.

Why Are Criminal Background Checks Important?

Individuals don’t usually run criminal history checks unless they have a specific reason. An individualized assessment is what’s most likely used when someone needs to find out the background of an individual. Criminal background checks that aren’t performed on an individualized assessment are incomplete. They can really cost a company or organization money if they do their job incorrectly.

An individualized assessment is best used in instances where there’s a legitimate business need. These kinds of criminal background checks are great for real estate agents, new daycare providers, loan processors, contractors, and financial planners. There’s no reason not to use them, whether you’re a business or an individual. You can get comprehensive criminal check information on just about anyone.

Personalized Criminal Checks

The second type of criminal background check is a more personalized criminal background check for individuals. These reports will tell you the personal details about an individual, including criminal record and any restraining orders they may have had. This kind of check is usually a business necessity, especially if the individual has children. Parents, for example, would want to know if they had any criminal record for picking out the children’s daycare. A financial planner might want to see if any of the people who work for them have a criminal record.

Background Checks For Childcare Providers

Background inspections for childcare providers are usually a part of a larger inspection records package. The state law requires that all licensed child care providers keep detailed records of their employees’ criminal histories. This information is kept on file at the county level, but you must order your report from the state department of corrections.

You can also get criminal records from your local police station. For example, the London Police will have your child care worker’s criminal background check on file if the child care worker has ever been arrested or convicted of any crime in New York. So you have to find out how many arrests or convictions a person has had in other states before you order their record from the state police.

Another place where you can get a complete background criminal check is through The Background Checker. We provide background checks for all criminal activity nationwide. Our services can provide you with copies of arrest warrants and records of sex offenders. All you have to do is to visit our website, fill out the online form, and then submit your request.

4 Biggest Risks Your Company Might Take By Not Conducting Pre-Employment Screening

Companies devise strict policies to select a reliable candidate. Yet, if you believe in just your judgement and think you know all there is to know about the prospective employee after a couple of interviews, you ought to think again.

All kinds of candidates in the professional attire lineup for the selection process. Each candidate makes sure to act like the best version of themselves. Furthermore, their CV is typically filled with a combination of truth and deceiving information. The only way to filter the truth about your potential employee is to perform a pre-employment check.

If you are skeptical about the importance of pre-employment screening, read on to the following risks you might run into by being lenient about the background checks.

1.Your prospective employee could have a criminal record

According to popular research conducted by Northwestern and Kellogg University’s Pritzker School, people with criminal backgrounds can appear highly likeable during job interviews. Ironically, they are also the people who are likely to commit misconduct and get fired.

The risk of hiring someone with a criminal history could not just risk the company’s operation you have entrusted them with, but it can also tarnish the company’s reputation.  Not to mention, a criminal mindset can transform a company’s productive atmosphere into a highly volatile atmosphere. 

Although an employer has every right to examine their candidate’s criminal history, no employee admits to their criminal past per se. This leaves you with the only possible way, i.e. criminal background check. To perform a pre-employment criminal background check, it is best to hire a professional to ensure you are running the correct level of check for the prospective role.

It is important that the services offered by the professional are liaising with the police authorities of the relevant country. Doing so will not only help you obtain criminal information, but it would also encourage you to make a well-informed decision.

2Negligence in background checking could jeopardise the safety of other workers

Not performing any background checks before hiring someone is a danger to not just the atmosphere of your company but also a threat to existing employees. That’s because you could hire employees with a history of substance abuse.

Believe it or not, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) findings, around 9% of severe drug users are currently employed in either part-time or full-time jobs.

These numbers are alarming, because an abuser not just greatly struggles with work productivity, but they are also likely act out of character, being unpredictable and dangerous around other employees

3.There is a 1 out of 6 probability rate of hiring the wrong candidate

It goes without saying that the number of fake organisations and diploma mills is on a constant rise. Thus the risk of recruiting an ineligible candidate has never been greater.

It has been said that 1 out of 6 interested candidates has misrepresented or exaggerated records to lure the employers into offering them the job. Candidates do not just use fake employment records, they also tend to have fake degrees. Therefore it requires more than just a phone call to find the absolute truth.

Education background checks come to your rescue in such matters. Education background checkers use various methods to make sure your candidate’s educational claims are accurate. Sometimes they even visit the organisation or university where they claim to have studied.

Always keep in mind that applicants who lie about their achievements lack honesty and integrity. Thus even if they meet the eligibility criteria, they should not be hired.

4.It puts the company at risk of Increasing Attrition

As mentioned above, employees with inadequacies can find their way into your organization.

Pre-employment background checking stresses quality over quantity, and thus it ensures that you have hired the most suitable candidate from all the prospective applicants.

Hiring the ideal employee with adequate qualifications and an immaculate attitude can mitigate the chances of employee turnover and thus boost the overall productivity of your company.

Now that you are aware of some of the potential negatives of not performing employee background checks, you must be wondering which company to entrust.

No other company is better equipped to conduct unbiased and budget-friendly background checks than here at The Background Checker.