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The Background Checker

The Background Checker is the number one option for conducting unbiased background checks that meet a professional standard.
International Background Check

International Background Checks

We have a comprehensive approach towards background screening, giving a fair analysis to candidates of all 195 countries

Security Check

Security Checks

This is a reliable, fast paced and accurate background checking option that allows for a comprehensive overview of specific check elements.

Employee Background Check

Employee Background Checks

It is crucial within the hiring process that you are able to have an unbiased and reliable source of confirmation that the candidates have not been dishonest on their CV.

About Us

Helping to build a trusted workforce

Background Scanning

Why Choose Us?

The Background Checker is the number one option for conducting unbiased background checks that meet a professional standard. The purpose of our process is to allow for a higher level of trust in the workplace. We conduct low-cost professional background and screening checks on individuals as well as company background checks.

Why Should You Conduct A Background Check?

There can be many reasons for conducting a check. In most of the cases, our clients use our services to get further information about an individual that they are hiring for prospective role in their company. Or in other cases, we have several clients that contact us annually to process annual checks to ensure compliance and peace of mind within their company.

Well, everyone has a different reason for contacting us. We provide a plethora of services. Each is tailored to your specific needs. Like international background checks, due diligence, employee background checks, and other services, which varies individual-to-individual and company to company. This may follow strict compliance / contractual basis or simply just be for your peace of mind.

Now, you might ask us that how long does this process take? To be honest, depending on the check type the time varies However, we pride ourselves on the best turnaround times to deliver you the results as soon as possible.

Background checks are very essential to safeguard your employees as well as your organisation. As you know, one dirty fish spoils the whole pond. So, to avoid that fish entering your organisation, contact us.

Our Industrial Expertise

International Background Check


Due to our expertise, you can have complete education background checks on your employees and others inside your organisation. This allows you to offer a safe environment for your employees while also safeguarding the reputation and credibility of your company by ensuring that the individuals you are hiring are qualified for the job.

Security Check

Financial Services

One of the most important things about the financial sector is its data. In no way it must be disclosed to a third party. Hiring a new employee and getting doubtful whether they can breach your data or not? Hire us for a background check and know the answer.

Employee Background Check


Recruitment agencies are always in search of good employees. So, they mostly take hundreds of interviews per month. What if the person you hire has some potential risks in their background? Well, the only possible solution to know this is by conducting a background check on them.

Employee Background Check


We understand how important efficiency is in the Logistics Industry, therefore we've put systems in place to provide quick access to trustworthy background checks. Our staff has worked in the logistics industry for many years and can be trusted for this job.

A Team Of Finest Background Checking Experts

We have a vast team of experts that will make use of their utmost skills and experience to assist you in conducting a background check. We are proud to have such a team that has helped us to be a “top company” in this industry.  Let us clue you in about how we made our team. Our recruiters select the best of the best who have an influx of knowledge and experience ready to be used for the background checks we provide.

Our professionals are always ready to assist you. They will do everything they can to provide you a well-researched report of what you want. In some cases, they sit on their desktops and do the required work from their office. This saves a lot of time for both parties and is quite cost-effective too.

Our checks allow for a more informed perspective before making a decision during the hiring process or prior to forming a relationship

All of the services we provide here at The Background Checker are available for personalisation and tailoring to your specific needs or contractual requirements. The services above are seen as predesigned check scopes that have been designed based on experience and repeated client requests. All checks within these services are available for separate requests. We conduct low-cost professional background and screening checks on individuals.

Over 90% of professionals deem the accuracy of background checks to be the most important element. The Background Checker prides itself in the highest level of accuracy within our processes.
Accuracy is number 1.
The top three reasons for conducting background checks are: (1) Protecting the safety of employees and customers (2) Improving the quality of hires (3) Mandated by law/regulations
Why run checks?
85% of employers state that access to an international screening solution is important. We offer a comprehensive international check to meet your requirements.
International Capability
Over 60% of professionals agree that one of the biggest challenges facing background checks is the length of time to receive results.
Speed Matters