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Identity Verification

What is an Identity Check?

An identity check provides you with information that you can use to hire confidently.

An identity check is an initial part of a more comprehensive background check, providing information needed to move forward with more extensive searches.

Verification of an applicant’s identity is a straightforward step that will help ease concerns of a misappropriated, mistaken, or stolen identity.

Why do you need Identity Checks?

Establishing an applicant’s identity is a crucial part of the employment screening process. The Background Checker offers a range of services that can assist you in doing so. We support this with our committed team, timeliness, compliance regulations and deliver this via modern technology.

Types of Identity Checks

ID Check

The Background Checkers ID check helps to validate an applicant’s identity information by checking the government issued identification number provided by the applicant against the name associated with that number to determine if it matches the applicant’s name.

Passport Verification

Passport Verification helps confirm a candidates identity by authenticating the information that is on their passport.

The format of the passport is also checked against as global reference database.