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Professional Qualifications Checks

As a business owner or an HR professional, you know how impressive CVs can be. People study from prestigious institutes and don’t let an opportunity pass where they can boast about their hard work. All that’s fine and even understandable.

But more often than not, candidates are dishonest about their qualifications. They do so in hopes of landing better jobs that they otherwise would not get if they were truthful. Unfortunately, many candidates succeed with their trickery because employers slack with the background checks.

In fact, many companies consider this an expense and avoid the background checks altogether. Sadly, they pay a heavy price for it later when they find out that the resource is incompetent and there’s nothing much that they can do about it other than start the process of hiring again.

If you run a business and are looking to make your hiring processes effective, then opt for background qualification checks for your candidates. By doing so, you’ll not only hire the right talent, you’ll also operate with a peace of mind.

Allow us to help you hire the right candidate

International Background Check

Quick results

We’ll not waste your time unnecessarily. Our services are quick and efficient, and we believe in fast services. By choosing us, you’ll get to know quickly about a candidate’s professional qualifications and get them verified.

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Trusted by many

We are the trusted background checkers for many businesses. We help improve their recruitment processes by delivering them the best results. If you are looking for professional qualification verification services as well, let us know.

Employee Background Check

Reasonable Rates

Our charges are very reasonable compared to the services that we offer. You can even get customised packages for your businesses that shall be tailored to meet your needs and improve your recruitment processes.

Professional Qualification Background Check Services Are Just a Call Away

The Background Checker is here to bring absolute ease and comfort to you. We understand that business operations are may be overwhelming for you.

With our help, you can focus on your business operations while we take care of the background screening for you. A lot of businesses try and do the checks on their own and fail miserably. To save some money, they risk making the wrong hiring and eventually pay the price later.

Doing the background checks on your own isn’t the best idea in the world. That’s because usually, businesses don’t have the resources for themselves that are needed to go through with a background check thoroughly and also opens up opportunities for bias.

We have the right professionals and resources to conduct checks and verify whether the candidates are truthful or deceitful with their qualifications.

Minimize the risks of wrong hiring

Getting the right people to work for your business is crucial. A lot of businesses just trust the words of their candidates and proceed to decide who to recruit and who not to. That’s a practice that can bring more harm to businesses than one can imagine.

A lot of times, it happens that businesses fall victim to employees with bad intentions. After investigations, it comes up that the employee had a history that made them a risk and only if the business was more cautious at the time of hiring.

Don’t be the business that regrets saving a few bucks on background checks. Always be safe than sorry. We help check the backgrounds of your potential employees so that you can recruit them with absolute peace of mind.

Our services are easy to avail and are reasonably priced. Be safe and get the best talent for your organisation by running a background check on the qualifications of your candidates before you hire them.

We offer you the best background checking services in the UK

Helpful service

We are here to help you with all your background checking needs. Even if you have queries for us, we shall patiently answer them to you. Our purpose isn’t just to offer great background checking services but also to widen our client base with exceptional customer service.

Over 90% of professionals deem the accuracy of background checks to be the most important element. The Background Checker prides itself in the highest level of accuracy within our processes.
Accuracy is number 1
The top three reasons for conducting background checks are: (1) Protecting the safety of employees and customers (2) Improving the quality of hires (3) Mandated by law/regulations
Why run checks?
85% of employers state that access to an international screening solution is important. We offer a comprehensive international check to meet your requirement
International Capability
Over 60% of professionals agree that one of the biggest challenges facing background checks is the length of time to receive results.
Speed Matters