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Social Media Checks

What is a social media check?

A Social Media Check / Web Footprint Analysis is an in-depth analysis of any activity on the internet that a candidate has made publicly available and that is potentially incriminating.

Social media checks now need to be recognised by employers as a reliable form of data collection with the amount of information listed on a social media profile. This should be looked at with equal importance as employment screening.

Why do you need this? 

Reputation – The reputation of your employees or prospective employees will directly correlate to the reputation of your company. This could be anything from obvious as a media article showing arrests to the less obvious of web profile posts.

Risk – You can source a lot of data held closer to the candidate such as damaging friend circles or demographic groups. This in turn can allow for a better level of risk analysis and risk prevention from involving your organisation with those individuals.

Trust – Today’s day and age people are often posting their entire lives online. This allows for you to commit to more in depth levels of cross checking information such as travel periods or gaps in activity.

Behaviour – Social media checks specifically can provide meaningful insights into the behaviour of candidates which could correlate positively or negatively to your organisations values or rules in place.

Why use us?

Using a professional background screening service with a team of experts is increasingly important to protect your organisation. Some key things to take into account as a pro for using a professional background screening service:

Unbiased – You may have a subjective or bias view of your hire based on previously meeting them. Using a professional background screening service allows for an unbiased full picture of the prospective candidates web footprint.

Missing Detail – Taking a summary of data does not provide a full image of the prospective.
Enlisting the assistance of an expert or even better an expert team allows you to have the
peace of mind that all data will be sourced and provided. This in turn allows you to make a
more informed decision.

Confusion – Your in house team may not have the current skill set in hand to analyse the data / information sourced and confirm that it is a 100% match. Having a team with experience rules the chance of this ever happening.

Protection – A professional team will be able to guild your organisation through the appropriate process to carry out the checks themselves to ensure your remain compliant within your actions.

Relevant – Using a professional background screening service over an in house team allows for the professional and work relevant information to remain the top priority and purpose of the check. A hiring manager may have (potentially subconscious) the wrong idea
of what the social media check is for and may look into aspects such as their looks or types of posts.