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Sanction Check

What is a sanction check?

A sanction check goes under several names across the industry, these include, global watchlist check, watchlist screening. To simplify this the check is a database search consisting of specific records from across the globe. The databases cover information such as politically exposed people, terrorism watchlists, anti-money laundering, narcotics traffickers, blocked parties and more that may hold risk to your organisation

Why do you need this check?

Running this check covers a global scale of risk analysis to the areas in which others have deemed the highest levels of risk. The last thing you would want as an employer would be to hire a terrorist or human trafficker. Its a smart option to mitigate a high level of risk in such a effect and fast form of check.

Alongside the natural desire for reputation risk aversion there is the fact depending on your organisations sector some individuals may appear on the certain lists which correlate to being not permitted to work.

Why choose us?

The Background Checker will be able to provide you with this service with often a same day turnaround, to allow you to make a faster reliable decision during the hiring process.

The team here are experts in this field and are able to assist you with making the right decision today.