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Racism on Social Media – Why Should You Run Checks?

As you may have seen, There has been disgusting online racism following England’s Defeat in the Euros 2020.

This has led to some employers of the individuals who posted Racism online to be identified leaving their reputation damaged.

in this article, we highlight the importance of carrying out a professional Social Media Screening Check on your current and prospective new employees.


Racism in the media from your employees can cause great reputational damage. To avoid this, we highly recommended running a Social Media Check  in order to gain further information on the conduct of your employees on social media platforms.

With social media being so widely accessible it is important to look at these public areas in which your employees represent themselves and ultimately your company.

Potential Liability

Racism may lead to more than just an internal disciplinary hearing, it may in fact go as far as making you or your company liable for discrimination claims while using ‘company equipment’ or even whilst on ‘company time’.

This may be avoided by carrying out a Social Media Check on your employees, as this would help you gain a more advanced picture of who you are hiring compared to the old school method of phoning a few references from a CV.

Racism Within The Workplace

If your employee makes racist comments online then they could bring that mindset into the workplace.

Employee wellbeing should be a priority in a company, and to ensure that racism and discrimination of any sort is avoided in the work place then we would advise a Social Media Check to be carried out on your current employees and as a part of your pre-employment process.

Why Should You Use a Professional Background Screening Company?

A professional background screening company will have a team of experts that will hold no bias towards any individuals in order to gain a wider understanding of the individual you are hiring or even current employees.

To summarise, we would find it very appropriate following the current racism online to recommend to completion of Social Media Checks on as many staff members as possible, especially those who would be deemed as public-facing. This is due to the level of the potential risk to your company both from a financial and legal liability standpoint.

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