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Why Applicant Screening Is So Important for Small Businesses?

Not too long ago, a job application, a decent resume and a simple interview were considered enough to hire someone. However, nowadays, news reports and social media news sections are fraught with countless crime stories. Therefore most hiring managers have now become increasingly cautious.

Considering the potential risk, pre-employment background checks have become a common practice. However, the idea of running background checks on one’s existing and prospective employees is still in its infancy. This is why a lot of business owners wonder why it is even necessary. If you also happen to be one of the sceptical business owners, here are some practical reasons to change your mind.

  1. It protects your business from liability

Picture a scenario where you hire someone solely based on their credentials, professional attire and friendly attitude. Since you did not seriously consider background screening, you will likely see the applicant’s different version after hiring.

Most of the time, in similar situations, the hired employee can turn out to be manipulative and sometimes evendangerous. Consequently, the other staff members get adversely affected by the new employee’s practices.

For example, an employee could seriously harm someone. Being a business owner, the liability incident would fall on your lap and defame your brand.

It is every business owner’s responsibility to keep guard of the well being of their employees. Thus, they ought to do everything possible to ensure the security of their hired staff.

  • It helps you determine whether the prospective employee can be trusted to handle money

Financial background check is an integral background checking technique. Hence, by employing background screening, business owners can discern whether their candidates can manage funds. For example, the may have the responsibility to money shuffle to and from stockbrokers.

You can judge one’s cash handling capabilities by observing how one manages their funds. Credit checks also provide valuable information regarding your employee’s financial past.

  • It tells you whether you can trust the employee in future

Unfortunately, not everyone tells the truth about their past in the job interview. Lying about the length of your work experience and glorifying its quality has become so common that people no longer deem it deception.

If you are keen to unearth your candidate’s past work experiences, we would recommend hiring professionals to do the job. A reputable background checking companywould help you find whether your employee is honest or not. Plus, they would help you decipher your candidate’s professional license, spot their educational background and verify their past job experiences.

Many malpractices stem from dishonesty. Therefore most employees prefer an unqualified honest employee over a qualified dishonest one. So if you also want your staff to be loyal and truthful people, background screening is the way to go.

  • It indicates towards your candidate’s performance in their earlier job

Background checks involve reference verification that looks into the employee’s personal and business references. Employers use this information to formulate judgement about their potential employees.

Sometimes, this process includes talking to the employee’s former bosses and colleagues.  Although times change, you will be able to make a better judgement on who you are hiring into your company based on their previous experiences.


Background checks do not just help you learn more about your applicant, but they are also a means to discover traits about your candidate that are not mentioned on their CVor disclosed in their interview.

So if you want to employ resourceful staff, contact The Background Checker today!

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