Background Checks – Identify Theft and how it can affect the workplace and more.

Identify Theft

In the UK, as in many other countries around the world, identity fraud is on the rise. This is where someone pretends to be someone else, usually to avoid arrest or simply to improve their current situation such as a job application. A background check can provide vital information on anyone whose background is considered suspect by the UK authorities and specific databases.

How Is It Helpful?

For example, if an employer does a background check on a potential employee, he or she may find that the prospective employee has a criminal record, including convictions for fraud and forgery or source that the right to work documentation is fake or using somebody else’s. Often if they are seen to be using another true document the owner will not be aware that this has been stolen from their possession or that a counterfeit copy has been created.

Why Are Background Checks Important?

There have been many instances when the UK authorities have caught people who have tried to use another person’s birth certificate to get a UK passport. In most cases, these fake UK identities were designed to provide a cover for illegal activity. For instance, an individual who wants to get a UK passport may falsify his original birth certificate to get one. It has also been witnessed that some criminals try to use British citizenship in order to dodge detection or avoid arrest in another country.

On the other hand, a birth certificate issued in England and Wales can be used as valid proof of age. However, this does not mean that someone can just go ahead and issue someone else’s birth records as a duplicate. Many people do not realize that issuing a duplicate birth certificate is a crime. In fact, such crime is taken very seriously in the United Kingdom. 

Background Checks For Employees

In addition to the need to be careful with your own identity, you must also be careful with the identity of any person you intend to hire for work. With this in mind, it would always be advised to run an ID verification check to ensure that the person you intend to hire is the real person. There are varying levels of the ID verification check that may be suitable for your organization. For this reason, you will need to find a reliable and professional background check company so that you can get hold of the right documents and ensure their validity. The Background Checker provides these services at an affordable rate, also able to provide you with a detailed history of anyone’s background. With a professional service provider, you can relax and expect a safe and secure working or studying environment.

This kind of service provider is available online. All you have to do is visit The Background Checker website and reach out to the team. You can then make your choice and start your online investigation. The results of the investigation/screening process will then allow you to make a more informed hiring decision and therefore limiting the level of risk you are liable to.