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Hiring the right talent: 4 lies that candidates put up on a resume and how employers should handle this issue?

It is common for job applicants to decieve in interviews, on their resumes, on their LinkedIn, or even on their social media platforms. They’d do anything that can boost their chances to secure a job. Many people may even justify this act from a candidate’s perspective, but this could damage your company greatly.

On the other hand, this can cost time and money to employers. There’s a high chance that they may end up hiring the wrong talent. This is because most companies don’t have the right background check policies in place. Even if they do have some protocols, they don’t have the right resources to perform the task.

As a result, many companies get stuck with the wrong people. The first thing that goes to an organisation is a candidate’s CV.

Down below, we shall discuss the most common forms of deception on a CV. We shall also discuss why background checks are necessary for companies to acquire the right talent. Without further ado, let’s jump right at it:

Tamper with experience and expertise

Candidates are often deceitful about their years of experience. Many jobs require senior resources, and juniors with some knowledge in the domain try and apply for senior positions. Obviously, they’ll score better packages through this and tend to lie about their experience.

Many candidates also deceive to hide gap years in their careers. This is often complemented with false declaration of skills and expertise. They create pompous CVs to attract employers, but when hired, they struggle with even menial tasks.

This costs employers their precious resources.

False Credentials

Most employers believe in candidates for what they say. Many candidates take advantage and mention things that aren’t true. Some even go on to mention false degrees and diplomas. They do so to appear more eligible than the others.

Falling victim to this deceit can cause companies to hire the wrong talent. Hiring the right background checking company can resolve the problem, though. They have a database of necessary details that can verify whether a candidate is truthful or lying.

Unreal Salaries

 Not telling the truth about salaries is more common practice amongst candidates than one would think. This deciet is often conducted to secure better packages. To avoid this problem, many companies will contact previous employers to verify if the candidate provided the right data.

However, many companies take the word of the candidate. Also, most companies aren’t in favour of revealing confidential data. To work around this problem, the employer can run a background check to find out if the candidate is being truthful.

Hide Drug Use and Addictions

Nobody is vocal about their drug use to their potential employer. However, this information is of upmost importance to the companies. Having drug users can be harmful to others in the company.

In fact, having a drug user as an employee can also taint a company’s image. However, it is a difficult task for companies to find out about someone’s drug history. Of course many companies require employees to have drug tests before joining, but drug users can find their way around tests.

Hiring independent background checkers can solve this problem easily. They know the right methods on how to find out information about someone’s drug history.

Final Word

Having the right employees is crucial for companies to perform well. However, candidates can go to any extent that can earn them secure them a job. Most don’t care that their deceitfulness can cost companies precious resources.

The above mentioned are a few things that candidates often bend the truth or just outright lie about on their

CV’s. Companies on their own may never have the necessary data to conduct an efficient background check.

Those companies that wish to have efficient employment background checks should hire independent background checkers. They know the right tricks and tactics to validate the information provided by the candidates.

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