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Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: 27/07/2023

The below document is terms of engagement for The Background Checker, their clients and the respective candidates for the process of background screening checks.

The Purpose of this Page

The Background Checker understands its commitment to maintain the highest level of processing and service with the background screening sector. This level of service is achieved by maintaining a set of non negotiable engagement rules.

This document provides a clear understanding to all those who have formed a relationship with The Background Checker on how we will complete our process and the expectations of engagement by all parties.

This is our Terms & Conditions of engagement and responsibilities and can be seen as a contract of agreement for all clients. This document is subject to updates at any time made by The Background Checker with prior notification.

Please note that this Terms & Conditions is important to read alongside any other documentation received during the process.

Expectations for The Background Checker:

1. Fast response times:

– Respond promptly to enquiries and requests from both clients and candidates.

– Aim to provide timely updates and communicate any delays if they occur.


2. Chasing candidate submissions 3 times:

– Follow up with candidates who have been requested to submit necessary documents or information.

– Make three attempts to remind candidates to provide the required materials.


3. Chasing employment references 3 times:

– Contact the provided employment references to verify the candidate’s work history.

– Make three attempts to obtain the necessary information from the references.


4. Guidance for the process for both candidates and clients:

– Offer clear and concise instructions to candidates regarding the background check process, including required documents and steps to be followed.

– Provide guidance to clients on the information they need to provide and the steps involved in requesting a background check.


5. Updating process sheets to remain accurate at all times:

– Regularly review and update process sheets or documentation used in the background check process.

– Ensure that the process sheets reflect the current procedures accurately.


6. Ensuring all GDPR processes are followed in line with a privacy notice link:

– Adhere to all applicable data protection regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

– Ensure that all processes and procedures related to collecting, storing, and handling personal data comply with the requirements outlined in the privacy notice.

– Provide a privacy notice link to clients and candidates to inform them about the data handling practices and their rights.


7. All enquiries for checks will be completed based on information by client/candidate only:

– Conduct background checks based solely on the information provided by the client or candidate.

– Refrain from using or considering any external sources of information that have not been explicitly provided by the client or candidate.


By meeting these expectations, The Background Checker can provide efficient and reliable background check services to clients and ensure a smooth process for candidates, while maintaining compliance with data protection regulations.

Expectations for The Client:

1. Payments being on time within a 30-day payment period:

– Ensure timely payment of invoices for the background check services within the specified 30-day payment period.

– Set up an efficient payment process to meet the payment deadlines.


2. Correct candidate details for data collection:

– Provide accurate and up-to-date candidate details to The Background Checker for the purpose of conducting the background checks.

– Verify the candidate’s personal information, such as full name, contact details, and any other necessary identifiers, to ensure accurate data collection.


3. Assist The Background Checker in chasing candidate submissions within 3 chases:

– Collaborate with The Background Checker by supporting their efforts in obtaining required documents or information from the candidates.

– Respond promptly to requests from The Background Checker regarding the status of candidate submissions.


4. Compulsory chasing for candidate submission after 3 attempts – not The Background Checker:

– Take responsibility for chasing the candidate for required document submissions after The Background Checker has made three attempts to obtain them.

– Ensure that necessary measures are in place to communicate with and remind the candidate of their obligation to provide the requested information.


5. Inform the candidate of their responsibility of engagement and the process itself:

– Clearly communicate to the candidate their responsibility to engage in the background check process and provide the necessary documents or information.

– Provide the candidate with a detailed explanation of the background check process, including the purpose, timeline, and any requirements they need to fulfil.


By meeting these expectations, clients of The Background Checker can contribute to a smooth and efficient background check process. Timely payments, accurate candidate details, and active involvement in chasing submissions will help ensure that the process remains effective and that candidates are informed of their responsibilities and engaged throughout.

Expectations for The Candidate:

1. Correct data upon submission:

– Ensure that all data provided to The Background Checker is accurate and up-to-date.

– Double-check the information submitted, including personal details, employment history, and any other relevant data, to minimize errors or discrepancies.


2. Assisted with any follow-ups, including but not limited to document requests, contact requests, and third-party check procedures:

– Cooperate with The Background Checker by promptly responding to any follow-up requests or enquiries related to the background check process.

– Provide any additional documents or information that may be required to complete the background check.


3. Chasing previous employers if requested:

– If requested by The Background Checker, assist in providing accurate contact information for previous employers to facilitate employment verification.

– Cooperate with any additional steps or communication necessary to help obtain the required information from previous employers.


4. Respect for all employees of The Background Checker completing requests on behalf of the client/their employer:

– Treat all employees of The Background Checker with respect and professionalism when communicating or interacting with them.

– Recognise that the employees of The Background Checker are working on behalf of the client or their employer and follow any instructions or requests provided by them.


By meeting these expectations, candidates of The Background Checker can contribute to a smooth and efficient background check process. Providing accurate data, cooperating with follow-up requests, and maintaining respect for the employees of The Background Checker will help ensure a positive and professional engagement throughout the process.

Charge Information

1. Admin charges for cancellation after named by the client/added to the system – £15:

– If a client requests cancellation of a background check after the candidate has been named or added to the system, an admin charge of £15 will apply.

– The charge will be deducted from the upfront credited balance, and the remaining balance will be available for future submissions.

2. Unsuccessful checks due to candidate or third-party response still chargeable:

– If a background check is unsuccessful due to reasons related to the candidate or a third party, the charge for the check will still apply.

– This applies when the correct process has been completed by the verification team but the information was not provided by the candidate or did not come back from the third party.

3. Additional effort to meet requirements chargeable:

– If additional effort is required to meet specific requirements requested by the client, The Background Checker may apply additional charges.

– The exact amount will be confirmed on a case-by-case basis before the task is undertaken.

– These charges cover the extra time and resources invested by The Background Checker to fulfil the specific requirements of the client.

It’s important for clients to be aware of these additional charges and understand that cancellations, unsuccessful checks, and additional efforts may incur extra costs. Clear communication and transparency regarding these charges will help ensure a mutual understanding between The Background Checker and its clients.

Non-Responsive Candidates and Check Closure

In the event that a candidate remains unresponsive for a period of one month after the background check process has been initiated, The Background Checker will proceed as follows:

  • A report will be generated based on the checks that have been completed up to that point.
  • The candidate’s background check will be closed, and no further attempts will be made to obtain the required information.

It is important for clients to be aware that, in such cases, the background check may be deemed unsuccessful due to the lack of cooperation from the candidate. As a result, the client will need to resubmit the check request and pay the applicable fee again should they wish to proceed with a background check for the same candidate.

The Background Checker shall make reasonable efforts to contact and obtain information from the candidate during the background check process. However, the client acknowledges that The Background Checker’s ability to complete the check is dependent on the candidate’s willingness to participate and provide necessary information.

The Background Checker shall not be held responsible for any delays, disruptions, or inconveniences caused to the client due to the non-responsiveness of the candidate during the background check process.

By including this clause, we seek to inform our clients about the possibility of candidates becoming non-responsive during the background check process and the subsequent closure of checks in such situations. We aim to maintain transparency and ensure that our clients understand the consequences of such occurrences, as well as the need to adhere to our policy of resubmitting and paying for the background check again in such cases.