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Privacy Notice

Last Updated: 19/01/2021

Information Comissioners Offices (ICO) Registration Number: ZA840689 

The below document is a privacy notice of The Background Checker Limited that complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Background Checker Limited uses this notice to clearly provide notification to those in which a relation is formed – candidates/ applicants/ data subjects – those who have data being checked for agreed purposes; about the purpose of collecting their personal data and how it will be used, held and removed.

The Purpose of this Document

 The Background Checker understands its commitment to maintain the highest level of privacy and security with personal data at all stages of the process. This is always the forefront of all decisions in every step forward with the company and employees alike.

 This document provides a clear understanding to all those who have formed a relationship with The Background Checker on how we will collect and use your personal data consistent with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

 The Background Checker is a ‘Data Processor’. This defines that we are responsible for processing your personal data provided by you in order to conduct a specific scope of checks agreed by a client. We are required under data protection legislation provide you of the information contained in this privacy notice.

 This notice is not a contract and may be updated at any time as required. This is also not a contract of employment or contract of services.

 We do note that this privacy notice is important to read alongside any other documentation received during the process as we appreciate how important and careful the collection of personal data is.

Data Protection Principles

We will comply with data protection Law. At a glance this simply provides the following statements in relation to your personal data:


Used lawfully, fairly and in a transparent way.


Collected only for valid purposes that are clearly explained prior to use and not to be used in any way that is not in line with those provided purposes.


Relevant to the purposes that have been told to you and strictly limited to only that purpose.


Held only for the purposes that has been explained and not longer than is necessary for the specific purpose.


Secure storage at all times.


Confidential deletion 

Personal Data Collection

The personal data / information collected will enable The Background Checker to complete the specific agreed purpose. The data is collect several ways in order to complete the purpose:

 1. Basic contact details from your prospective organisation such as employer, recruiting company or contracting agent. This will typically be your name, email and telephone number in order to allow for the initial relationship with yourself and The Background Checker to form.

 2. Data directly collected from you as the candidate. This may be in the form of secure collection form or consent forms that will collect specific details that correlate directly to the requirements of your agreed checks. This may or may not include supporting documentation required which would only be requested if specifically required by the business.

 3. Further detail may be provided directly from yourself or from your prospective organisation that specifically will be the focus of your checks such as a copy of your CV if required by the specifically agreed purpose.

 4. Data may be collected, processed or received from a third party organisation this will always be an authorized and recognised organisation such as a criminal or credit agency. The specific details of the third party organisations are available upon request as this may be subject to change.

 5. Confirmation of data provided and/or new data may be collected from former organisations/ employers/ recruiters / contracting agencies/ provided referees and places of education or professional award. This would be for the specific requirements of checks with your prior consent.

Use of Personal Data / Information

The Background Checker will only use your personal data / information for the specific purpose of conducting checks or when law allows u to do so. The purpose of the checks will be to satisfy an agreement made with a prospective organisation/ employer/ recruiting agent or contracting agent.

Purpose Changing

Your personal data will only ever be used for the specific purpose that has been agreed with client / prospective organisation and yourself consenting. The only time this may not occur is if we reasonably consider that it needs to be used for another reason that is in line with its original purpose. If your data / information is ever required to be used for a unrelated purpose a representative from The Background Checker will provided suitable notification of this and the legal basis in which allows us to do so.

Sharing Data / Information

The Background Checker may be required to share your data with third party organisations in order to meet specific requirements of the agreed purpose; this may include third party service providers or other entities.

As a matter of utmost importance we require third parties to respect and display accordance to the law that keeps your data secure.

In the event that your data is shared outside of the UK or EU we will ensure that appropriate measures are untaken to maintain security of your data. This may include specific agreements with those third parties which in turn will ensure protection and security for your data / information that will match our level of agreed service in relation to data protection.

Data / information will only be shared with third parties if specifically required in relation to the purpose of your checks. This is again is true for if you data is to be share with a third party outside of the UK or EU.

Data Sharing

The Background Checker will only provide your basic details to other agreed parties in order to meet administrative tasks and invoicing processes. In order to form a successful relationship with The Background Checker they will be required to take suitable security measures in order to protect your personal data / information. Included within this suitable security measures is a commitment to not use your data / information for their own purposes, we would only provide specific permission relating to instructed purpose.

Data Security

The Background Checker has specific measures in place in order to provide the utmost level of security to your data / information. This resonates throughout our company and the third parties in which we have a relationship with.

We have ensure that appropriate security procedures are in place in order to minimise to risk of your data being used / processed in an unauthorised way, accidently lost or altered. The biggest step we make towards this is ensuring that the data / information provided to each party is only that required to proceed with the legitimate business purpose. This includes internal detail and specific instructions on how to proceed with the utmost level of confidentiality.

Data Retention

The Background Checker can provide reassurance and confirmation that we will only hold / retain your data / information for the specific time period deemed necessary to complete the agreed purpose; this includes the purposes of any accounting, legal and reporting requirements.

When collecting your data / information we will assess the level of potential risk / harm that could be caused by unauthorised use or unauthorised disclosure. This in turn will allow for a suitable assessment of the retention period in order to process and complete the specific purposes in place.

Once your data / information is on longer required either through completion or availability to complete elements of the purposes via authorised parties we will ensure a secure and permanent removal of your data / information in line with our data retention policy and the rules, laws and regulations in place.

Duty of Correction

When you enter a relationship with The Background Checker it is important that your data / information are always kept up to date. We do ask that you please keep us updated and informed of any changes to your data / information for the duration of our relationship.

Individual Rights

In suitable circumstances as stated by law, you have the following rights:

If there is a time in which you wish to make these requests during your relationship with The Background Checker please do reach out to the team in writing and we will aim to process your request in line with the regulations in place.


To make as request you will typically not have to incur a fee to exercise any of these rights. It is important to note however that if we may charge a reasonable fee for excessive or unfounded requests. We also refuse to comply with your specific request but will always communicate this with you.


In order to maintain the level of security with your data / information we would always take this to even when it is you making the request. With this in mind we may request for specific information from you in order to confirm your identity as a way to ensure that you have the right to assess this data / information. Please do see this as another security measure to ensure the safety, security and correct handling of your data / information.

Withdrawing Consent

In the specific circumstances where you have already provided your data / information alongside your consent to begin the process correlating to the specific purpose you do still hold the right to withdraw consent. If this is the case then we ask if you can please contact a member of the team in writing and we will aim to process your request in line with the regulations in place. This is unless we have a legitimate basis to continue the process in line with the law.

Here at The Background Checker

Internal Training

All members of staff at The Background Checker are trained to be able to conduct all required elements of their role. This is up to and including the specific requirements of GDPR and other relevant legislation. You can take confidence that all employees are able to correctly handle your data / information including collection, storage, retention and removal.

Data Protection Officer

The Background Checker has an appoint data protection officer (DPO) that is able to oversee compliance with this privacy notice and the legislation that provides backing. If you have any specific questions in relation to this document or how your data / information is handled throughout our relationship then please contact the DPO or a member of The Background Checker team in order to be directed to them.

Potential Changes

The Background Checker holds the right to update this privacy notice at any time in which we deem necessary. If the change is sizeable then we will provide suitable notification to you in the forms of alternative communication or an updated copy of this document.


If you have any complaints to make at any time that you deem unable to provide to The Background Checker we ask that you provide these directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), this is the UK supervisory authority for data protection issues (