What Are Background Checks And Security Background Checks?

Background checks are essential within the hiring process. Some people may argue that that’s an invasion of privacy and that people shouldn’t be judged on their past actions. However, this allows employers to make a more informative decision when hiring.

Any employer knows that bad hiring can cost them a lot more than hiring an undertalented resource. Some people may have wrong intentions, and it is always a better step to know who you are hiring.

This article is about background checks and why they are necessary for employers. First, let’s see what’s a background check:

What’s a background check

Essentially, a background check is verifying if a person is trustworthy and truthful or not. While this can’t ever be determined for certain, running a background check helps you know whether hiring a resource is risky or not.

Usually, this is done to see if the person has a history of detrimental behaviours. If you just want to carry out the hiring process based on what the candidate says, then you are leaving too much to chance.

What’s a security check?

A security check is where you investigate a person and see whether they are or were involved in any criminal activity. They may have a criminal record that’s veiled behind their flashy resume and on-paper competence.

It’s true that everyone can make mistakes, and that a person with a criminal record doesn’t mean they’d do that again. It’s just that it’s better to know who you are hiring, rather than regretting it later.

Here are a few risks that you expose yourself to if you don’t carry out the background check and the security check before hiring:

You may hire incompetent resource

A lot of people are eager to get a job. This means that they’d be willing to be dishonest about their credentials if that can help them get money in their pockets. As an employer, this can be a source of loss for you because you’d be paying for incompetence.

By running a background check on the potential employee, you can at least know whether the candidate is truthful about their credentials or not.

You may hire a criminal

Part of your duty as an employer is to keep your other employees safe. If you don’t run a background check, you expose your existing workers to great risks. Anywhere from small theft to some major crime can happen, and that day you’ll regret hiring the wrong resource.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, no?

What do you get when you conduct background checks?

Many businesses avoid paying for background checks, but this is something that they may end up paying for later on. You deserve to run the business with peace of mind.

Even if you have to hire someone for their competence despite their history of misbehaviour, you’d be in a better position to manage the resource. It’s better to know the past of a person instead of taking a shot in the dark and trusting everyone that you interview.

By having Security Clearance for the Backgrounds of your employees and candidates, you ensure that the business runs efficiently. Plus, you ensure that the workspace is safe for you and for the other people that work with you.

Money spent on background checks is an investment for your company when you realise the risk that you mitigate via this process. Plus, the professionals know the right way to get the necessary details without breaking any laws.

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Final Words

Running the candidates through background checks is truly beneficial for businesses. If you’ve read the article so far, then you know the risks that you are exposed to when you hire people without precaution. The rest is up to your good intelligence to decide what’s the best for you and the business.

Best Background Check Services in 2021

Background checks are proving to be great for employers. The workplace becomes better, you get to have a better choice at hiring, and you can have a better idea about a candidate’s competence before you hire them.

With that said, there are several types of background checks. This article shall discuss the best services that employers can avail for their organisations and businesses. Before we proceed to the best 2021 services, let’s have a look at the need for background checks:

Why conduct background checks before hiring a candidate

Employers may see background checks as an expenditure. They feel that they don’t need to put their money into this process. But what they don’t realise is that saving some money here can easily result in a magnified loss in the future.

Background checks help you filter out the hiring process. That way, you have a better say in who passes the test and who you hire. You don’t really know who can fake an entire personality and get through the interview.

But once you hire a person, they may show up their true colours and cause harm to the business. Or even other employees. Sure, that can happen even after the background checks are done, but the chances are super slim.

With that said, let’s explore the best background check services in 2021:

International checks

The world has become a global village, right. Technology has got it shrunk so much that people from one corner can exist in the other corner. However, there’s a lag because a person far from their hometown can easily be a mystery.

These migrations have given employers great access to amazing talents. But this also increases the risk of hiring someone with bad intentions. The background checker has the right resources in about 195 countries on the globe.

This means that we can run checks on people from most parts of the world and get to know if they are clean or not.

Security checks and criminal checks

You wouldn’t want to hire a dangerous person and put people at your workplace at risk, right? The right background checking company can easily draft a risk profile of a person by running security checks on them.

This way, you can know a lot about a person and whether they’ll be a threat to you or the organisation. The background checker does this by using various resources at disposal.

Conducting security is also essential for you as an employer. A lot of people have criminal records and even though they are free to work, it should be something that you must know. As an employer, it is your duty to make the workplace safe. If you just hire anyone based on half an hour’s worth of interviews then you are putting your business and the workplace at risk.

Conducting security checks also help you run the business with peace of mind and

Employee Background Checks

Wouldn’t you want to know if who you are hiring is truthful or not? A lot of people fabricate their academic records and achievements to get a job. That’s outright wrong and tricking the employer. This can lead an employer to hire the wrong resource.

With the employee background check, you can know about a person’s work record, their education record, and their performance on the previous job. That way, you can have a better idea of who you’ll allow entering into the gates of your workplace.

Employee background checks put employers in a better position to hire the candidates. While there’s surely an interview process that can help you understand the candidate, with background checks you have a chance to know better about the candidate.

There have been numerous instances where a candidate appeared to be someone and background checks revealed the opposite. If you end up hiring the wrong person, you don’t just deal with incompetence, you take up a liability that can be a loss to the organisation.

Final Words

Background checks are becoming excessively common. Because employers are realising the worth of these checks. In fact, some industries have made these checks mandatory, for instance, the security and finance industry.

If you are a business operating in the UK and would like to run background checks in the UK, then contact us. We offer background check services at reasonable rates.

Remember, it’s better to take the necessary precautions than to cry over the losses later.